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Children's Books

By Virginia Finnie‚Äč

It's A Super-Bad

Terrible Day!

Follow along with a kid who is having the worst day ever

from the time his feet hit the floor in the morning

until it's time to go back to bed that night.

Children, and grown-ups alike, identify easily with this boy's struggles as they read this fun story written in rhyme.

Along the way, there are valuable lessons to be learned in

how to handle some of the difficult and uncomfortable

situations many kids face.

It's A Super-Bad Terrible Day! is a must have purchase

because bad days happen and sometimes a kid needs

a little help knowing what to do about it.

An excellent addition to classroom libraries.

The Reviews Are In . . .

Find out what happens next by clicking on the store and

 grabbing your copy of, It's A Super-Bad Terrible Day!!

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