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Children's Books

By Virginia Finnie‚Äč



The Story Of The Little Donkey

Posted by Virginia on February 11, 2011 at 9:28 PM

There's a story that has been passed around, probably for years, it's one of those stories that is well worth sharing. I can't say where it originated, who wrote it or when. If you happen to know please share that information on this blog.

As the story goes, there was a little donkey who was lazily wandering around on the farm that was his home. He was well advanced in years and perhaps his eyesight wasn't what it had once been. As he enjoyed his afternoon walk around the fields he stumbled into a hole. This wasn't just any hole, it was deep, very deep. He had in fact walked right into an old abandoned well.

So there he was, standing in yucky mud half way up his legs and he was sad. He was very sad. It was cold and dark. He had no thought as to how he might free himself from his unfortunate predicament. What is a poor, little donkey to do when stuck at the bottom of a well?

As he pondered his situation, he felt a heavy plop on his back. He wondered what had hit him and where it had come from. At the same time he shook as hard as he could and the plop which was in fact a shovel of dirt coming from above, fell from his back down around his feet. He stepped up on the newly fallen dirt and looked up as if to ask "why" when again he spied more dirt headed his way. Once again it landed on his back and once again he shook as hard as he could. As the newly fallen dirt landed at his feet he again stepped up.

He was now a very confused little donkey. Why on earth (pardon the pun) would anyone want to shovel dirt into the old abandon well?

The little donkey didn't know that the farmer had seen him stumble into the well and couldn't think of any way to retrieve him. So he asked some of his neighbors to come over and help him fill in the well.

That seems like a very mean thing to do but he didn't know how he might possibly save the little donkey and at least know one else would fall into the abandon well.

The farmers up top continued to shovel the dirt in and the little donkey below continued to shake it off and step up. This went on for quite some time. They would shovel it in and the little donkey would shake it off and step up.

Can you guess what happened next? Each time our little donkey shook it off and stepped up he rose higher and higher.

Finally, after a very long time he rose to the top and shook off the last of the dirt. The farmers were all very surprised when the little donkey pranced out of the well and went on his way.

There is an important lesson that we can all learn from the little donkey. When we have unfair or unpleasant things happen to us like someone doing or saying something that isn't nice we have a choice to make.


We could let that stuff sit on top of us like a pile of dirt or we can choose to "shake it off" and keep on going.


If you choose to hang onto and remind yourself over and over again about when someone was unkind to you it is like letting a pile of dirt sit on top of you. It will just keep getting heavier and heavier.

If you choose to "shake it off" (that means let it go) then it won't be able to weigh you down and you will rise higher and higher.

The best way to "shake it off" is to tell God all about it. Tell Him what happened and how it made you feel. Then you could tell Him that you choose to forgive the person who hurt you (even if you don't fell like it) and ask God to help you to let it go. That's the best way to rise higher and higher and be on your way!

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